Below is the list of Career Center Resources:

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BizShout/Creative Resumes

A social media, social networking and microblogging service to promote people and businesses, where users post and interact with informative “shouts

Look at the sample resume:

Job Scan Analyzes resumes – and matches resume keywords words to the job description and suggests changes meaningful changes. A resume checker based on candidate’s common patterns
Department of Labor
Women NYC “New York City is committed to being the best place in the world for women to succeed” Various programs including workshops for salary negotiations and entrepreneurial assistance and … A good source for college students, entry level or anyone returning to the job market after a long absence
My Resume ReelTM A video resume enhancement that is disrupting the job seeking industry of 2020 with Founder, Anne Gotwald.

They are a resume enhancement company that specializes in designing a professional personal business value statement for our customers by way of a self-lead course or a personal, 1:1 White-Glove Experience.

It is a paid service but there are plenty of ideas on the website to create your own personal resumes, videos or blogs.
Free LinkedIn Premium Memberships– LinkedIn employees periodically offer free 6-month LinkedIn Premium memberships. Follow #freepremium, #plusonepledge, #linkedinpremium for opportunities to obtain them on I was able to obtain free 6-month LinkedIn Premium membership back at the beginning of the year when I was job searching. LinkedIn is offering FREE one-year memberships to LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning to eligible veterans and their spouses. Visit for requirements.