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  • Long Island Duck

  • Montauk Point Lighthouse

  • Jones Beach

  • Davis Park Ferry, Sandspit Marina, Patchogue

  • 59th Street Bridge

  • Long Island Lighthouse, NY

  • New York State Pavilion, Flushing Meadows Corona Park

President's Message


For 2016, the board is acting smarter. We have eight top initiatives from our day-long strategy planning, of which 2 have already almost complete as at the publish of this message and a backlog of about 7 items; if we have the bandwidth and/or additional volunteers – please take this as a cue to help out if you can as many hands make light work! We will also be publishing a performance score card on the website which will be periodically updated so you can track our performance as well.

For 2016, our focus will be mainly on increasing our outreach to corporations and academic institutions here on Long Island as well as the community in general and in turn increase sponsorship. This will help us to bring you many more programs and events.  We will also be working on increasing our membership; particularly targeting the PMI members on Long Island who are not yet PMILIC members as well as tapping into the Business Analyst market. You will also see more joint events and programs with other professional associations as well as additional options for training and other PDU events; of course with topics aligned to the PMI Talent Triangle. Another area we would be focusing on will be our branding to ensure we have consistent messaging and remain unique within the region.

Look out for the special venue for our May special chapter meeting which will be combined with our Anniversary ‘Sweet Sixteen’ celebration. The chapter has come a long way and we have a lot to be thankful for, particularly our volunteers. Without you, this chapter will not be; we are most grateful!


Donna N. Scott, MBA, PMP, CSM
President, PMILIC

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President's Message

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