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The PMIslander is a great resource to learn about chapter events, the latest opportunities, and updates about your fellow members.

All materials included for publication in the PMILIC Chapter newsletter must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief and the Vice President of Communications prior to publication.

Ads and sponsor information may include digitized graphics of company logos, URLs, and contact information, as well as text and narrative descriptions of products and services. PMILIC maintains the right to suggest edits, and refuse an ad for any reason.

If you are interested in providing content for future issues of the PMIslander, wish to volunteer in some capacity in the newsletter production, or have any related questions or suggestions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please use the links below to download a copy of the current PMIslander or one of the archive editions which are published quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) 



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20151201 Winter PMIslander

This Edition features:

A chat with the PMILIC Strategic Advisors, PMILIC Donates to Long Island Cares, a review of the new CCR Program Changes and a Thank You to our Partners.

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20150901 - Fall 2015 Edition

This Edition features:

Editor's Note - BOD Profile Peter Pilgrim - New PMILIC Members/PMPs - 2015 PMILIC C.W. Memorial Scholarship Winning Essays - 2015 CCR Changes - Region4 1st Timers - 2014 Board Member of the Year - PMILIC Community Outreach Day - Trivia Contest 

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20150601 - Summer 2015 Edition

This Edition features:

Inspiration, Celebrating our Volunteers, The CCR program update, Career Services Event and the $100 Trivia Contest. 

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This issue gives focus to PMI-LIC's Board Member of the Year, Julie Breslow, PMP.  Also included is an article by Maurey Wolk, PMP, describing the benefits and rewards of his PMI-LIC volunteer experience and an additional article about our ongoing efforts to engage local youngsters and enlighten them on the real-world benefits of being a PM.  Closing the newsletter is a piece offering tips on how to resolve team friction generated by a problematic team member.  There is also important information about upcoming events and volunteering opportunities.  As a reminder for PMPs that need them, volunteering with the Chapter is a great way to earn up to 45 of the needed 60 PDUs per cycle.

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This issue gives focus to PMI-LIC's presence at the 23rd Hauppauge Industrial Association-Long Island Anual Trade Show, announcements about the Chapter's forthcoming annual member survey, as well as the ramifications of being "right."  There is also important information about volunteering opportunities, (which will earn you PDU's) and upcoming events.

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This issue gives focus to the results of Septemeber's Open Board Meeting and the projects being implemented from member input.   There is also important information on volunteering and upcoming events.

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