Become a PMILIC Member!

The Long Island Chapter of PMI is a local area component. In order to join, you must first be a member of the PMI Global organization. The following represents the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to the PMI Global Website at
  2. Once there, select the "Membership" tab in the header row.
  3. Once there, look for a link on the bottom of the page titled: "Choose the Type of Membership that's Right for You and Join"
  4. This link will take you to a pop up window titled: "Types of Membership."
  5. Once there, select the applications linkthat best meets your situation.
  6. In the "Dues Calculation" section of the application, on the "PMI Chapter Names(s)" line, you should enter "Long Island, NY" and the fee listed in the last page of the application. Also include the chapter's annual dues fee in the total at the bottom of this section.

You then submit the application via a Credit Card payment. We at the Long Island Chapter then receive notice of your Membership within 30 days.

If you experience any issues in applying for membership please contact PMI at:

PMI Customer Care

Phone: +1-610-356-4600 (Option 8 from phone menu)

Fax: +1-610-356-4647