This is an elected position. The President Elect shall serve for one-year with the responsibility and obligation to focus on learning the position of and successfully transitioning into the President role of the PMI-LIC at the end of the one-year term. The President-elect shall be a voting member of the board.

It is intended that, if the President-Elect exhibits leadership in this role and is approved by the BOD to assume the President position, he/she will succeed the President for a two-year term with an option for two additional years.

All nominees for President-Elect must be from the current board of directors, or must be a candidate that is nominated by the elected positions of the board of directors.

Roles and Responsibilities
•    Represent the president in his or her absence

•    Work with the VP of Administration to update the Strategic Alignment Scorecard
•    Work with the VP of Administration to Update the Chapter Operational Manual

•    Work with the VP of Administration to complete the annual application for charter renewal, pursuant to Article B-6 of the Chapter Guidelines & Policy Handbook. The application shall be prepared in collaboration with appropriate Board Members as required.
•    Regularly attend PMILIC Chapter and BOD meetings

•    Serve as a BOD representative at BOD Events
•    Attend Region 4 Events as a Chapter Representative and Leader

•    Execute special projects as designated by the Chapter President
•    Provide assistance and guidance as needed to other BOD members, Directors and Program Managers

•    Succeeds as President if the sitting President is unable to complete his/her term and a majority of the voting members of the BOD approve the experience level of the President-Elect to assume the President position. In the case that the President-Elect cannot immediately assume the President role, the normal rules of succession for the President stated in the By-laws will take precedence.