PMILIC Collins Williams Memorial Scholarship (Undergraduate)

PMILIC Scholarship Program (Graduate)


The PMI Long Island Chapter Scholarship Program is designed to financially assist qualified applicants in obtaining degrees from accredited academic institutions of higher learning in the field of project management or any field with any relation to project management. The program is open to any qualified student preparing to enter or already attending an accredited degree-granting college or university and pursuing a bachelor or master’s degree.

The scholarships are awarded based on merit as measured by academic performance and extracurricular activities. The applicant’s intended field of study is also considered in the evaluation process with preference given to those candidates pursuing a degree in project management or a directly related field of study.


  • Two (2) scholarships will be awarded, with priority to award one Undergraduate and one Graduate scholarship. Each will be in the amount of $1000.
  • Applications will be accepted beginning on January 1, 2023. Application process ends April 30th, 2023. Awards granted at the June 2023 General Chapter Meeting.
  • If applicant is under the age of 18, application must be signed by parent or legal guardian.
  • All monies awarded shall be used solely for books, tuition, or room and board.


  • Open to PMI-LIC Chapter members and their immediate family
  • Undergraduate or graduate students only. Evidence of enrollment or acceptance is required with application.
  • Curriculum must consist of a minimum of 12 credits for Undergraduate Program, minimum of 6 credits for Graduate program.
  • Elected PMI-LIC Board Members and their families are not eligible.
  • Elected Board Members will constitute the Application Review Committee.

Application Requirements:

For current High School Seniors about to enter their first year of undergraduate study, you must:

  • Describe in 2500 words or less, how to manage a project or activity (such as a school project, fundraiser, or community service). Tell how each of the following would be, or was, accomplished, estimated, or measured:
    • Team selection and development
    • Length of project/activity and how well it remained on schedule
    • Cost and how well it remained on budget
    • Communication with your Team, was it successful?
    • Quality of the results/deliverables and how will they were measured?
    • What events, good or bad, might impact your performance
  • Demonstrate proof of extra-curricular activities, community involvement, academic performance, honors or awards received. This can be in the form of letters from teachers, associations, etc. attesting to your management and/or leadership abilities.

For current Undergraduate and Graduate students, you must:

  • Describe in 2500 words or less, how project management has supported, or can support, your career expectations. Tell how this was, or can be, accomplished.
  • Demonstrate proof of extra-curricular activities, community involvement, academic performance, honors or awards received.


Selection Criteria:

All submissions will be reviewed by the Elected PMI-LIC Board Members and will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • A fully completed submission as outlined above;
  • A one-page cover letter outlining why the applicant should be considered for this award;
  • The latest available transcript from your school (high school or college)
  • A resume or outline of any work experience, extra-curricular activities or related activities;

Applicants with the best combination of the above criteria, along with academic success, extra-curricular activities, leadership abilities, and essay results will then be evaluated to determine the winners.

Application Submission:

Please send all completed applications to


Please note that all submissions and attached supporting documentation become the property of the Project Management Institute – Long Island Chapter. None of the documents provided to this organization will be returned to the applicant.