The role of the Strategic Advisor is to provide guidance to the Chapter’s Board of Directors specifically with regard to near and long-term strategic goals for the chapter and to serve as a the conduit for disseminating PMI Global data to the Chapter. The Chapter Strategic Advisor must have served as an elected Chapter Officer for a minimum of six years in order to be eligible for this appointed position. The Strategic Advisor is not a voting member of the board

Roles and Responsibilities

•    Leverage PMI related experiences and serve as an advisor to the Chapter President.
•    Serve  as  a  liaison  with  PMI Global  in  order  to  introduce  all  newly  implemented component requirements.

•    Support the Chapter’s president by participating in Region # 4 Monthly Conference calls and scheduled Region # 4 Leadership events, as directed, in order to ensure leverage- ability of strategic long-term initiatives being introduced through-out the region.
•    Participate in the development of the Chapter’s Annual Strategic / Tactical Plan

•    Monitor the annual Tactical initiates and ensures a sustained sense of urgency for those tactical items deemed high-priority
•    Reports progress/status to the Chapter President at the Monthly Board  of Director Meetings

•    Reports annual overall performance of Chapter tactics at the annual September Open Board Meeting to the Chapter’s General Membership
•    The Chapter Strategic Advisor is an appointed position with an annual term.