The VP of Marketing and Public Relations is an elected position. This role is responsible for marketing and public relations. The VP of Marketing and Public Relations shall be responsible for developing marketing, corporate relations, and communication programs in accordance with chapter by-laws and policies.

Roles and Responsibilities
•    Market and publicize the chapter within the community

•    Develop an awareness of PMI’s marketing tools and resources
•    Develop and implement marketing campaigns to promote the chapter and its activities to members and the community at large

•    Develop and implement a periodic marketing plan with a detailed marketing strategy to ensure chapter brand management
•    Develop and implement the chapter marketing plan

•    Create  and  disseminate  the  chapter’s  announcements,  press  releases  and  marketing activities
•    Develop and distribute marketing materials

•    Facilitate chapter communications to external sources (newsletters, emails, social media and organizations) and share information with PMI and other PMI communities
•    Keep the coherence between the marketing plan and the chapter strategic objectives

•    Drive the chapter’s advertisement process and ensure results
•    Work closely with the Vice President of Outreach to collaborate with local businesses to publicize the chapter and PMI

•    Publicize the chapter and PMI through internal and external publications
•    Oversee the relationship with the press and the relation with the public authorities, government bodies and non-governmental organizations.

•    Monitor and coordinate presentations to external stakeholders and other organizations interested in the activities of PMI
•    Increase awareness of PMI and the chapter

•    Maintain relationships with sponsors for revenue generation to fund the chapter’s activities
•    Coordinate and organize presentations to potential chapter sponsors, event sponsors and other sponsors

•    Develop and implement a succession and transition plan