The VP of Communications is an elected position responsible for soliciting content for the chapter website, newsletter, and social media sites, to produce the monthly chapter news and events bulletin and quarterly newsletter according to the chapter by-laws and policies. The VP of Communications is a voting member of the board.

Roles and Responsibilities

•    Lead the effort to obtain content for the chapter’s Web site, Newsletter, and social media sites. The VP of Communications must ensure that such content is useful to the intended audience and helps the chapter to achieve its strategic and tactical objectives. The VP of Communications must ensure the content sends a consistent message, reflects well on the chapter, and does not place the chapter at undue legal risk.
•    Develop and publish monthly bulletin to inform members of upcoming chapter news and events.

•    Develop a pre-meeting slide show for each monthly chapter meeting.
•    Serve as quality control checkpoint on all chapter communications.

•    Develop and publish the quarterly chapter newsletter
•    Lead the effort to develop and create documents and templates as deemed beneficial by the board.

•    Develop and implement a succession and transition plan