The VP of Governance and Administration is an elected position. This role is responsible for keeping the records of all business meetings of the PMILIC and meetings of the Board. The VP of Governance and Administration is also responsible for the timely dissemination of information to and from the chapter membership and the PMI Headquarters as required in accordance with chapter by-laws and policies.

Roles and Responsibilities

•    Assist the President in coordinating and expediting activities for the Board, such as action items resulting from meetings and follow-up assignments.
•    Organize subcommittees for the purpose of direct telephone solicitation of meeting and workshop attendance. Inform President and Vice-President of Programs of expected attendance so hotel or restaurants can be informed.

•    Affirm that all official correspondence as specified by the PMI Chapter Guidelines and Policy Handbook is directed to the appropriate officer.
•    Monitor and report upon the general membership requirements and response to Chapter Programs. This includes the preparation, analysis, and reporting on questionnaires and other evaluation devices.

•    Maintain a file of all Chapter correspondence.
•    Maintain and deliver all permanent records to the position successor as required.

•    Prepare annual distribution of the Chapter By-Laws; review with board members for feedback and possible revision. Work with Chapter President and Director of Membership to distribute document to local members.
•    Coordinate workshops, special events and establish volunteer committees to promote PMI in the local chapter.

•    Develop and implement a succession and transition plan