The VP of Membership and Volunteer Services is an elected role. This role is responsible for addressing the needs of chapter membership, including service delivery, recruiting, and retaining members in accordance with chapter by-laws and policies. The role is also responsible for addressing the needs of volunteers, including recruitment, retention, recognition, and leadership development training and support in accordance with chapter by-laws and policies.

Roles and Responsibilities

•    Develop and maintain a chapter membership plan that assures continued growth through proactive recruiting and partnering with major area employers

•    Promote the value of PMI and PMILIC membership
•    Liaise with potential PMI members and encourage them to be members of the chapter

•    Develop and implement a plan to recognize member milestones, such as certifications, anniversaries or awards

•    Develop and implement a member retention program

•    Revise membership benefits and value on a regular basis
•    Develop and implement membership welcome and support plan

•    Answer general membership inquiries; respond to member/non-member information inquiries and other requests for assistance
•    Act as the primary recipient for the Data Exchange Program (DEP)

•    Maintain the membership records of the chapter (DEP)
•    Provide communication list/member updates to officers

•    Coordinate the production and distribution of timely membership reports, such as monthly membership reports by demographics
•    Assist in the development and administration of a membership satisfaction survey/exit survey

•    Ensure that members are aware of available services
•    Work with marketing to develop a plan to implement outreach to the community including commercial, not-for-profit and other professional associations about membership

•    Support and attend annual general meeting
•    Responsible for volunteer recruitment and/or retention

•    Responsible for providing clear expectations to volunteers regarding their roles
•    Understand and leverage experience of volunteers and direct them to various initiatives in the chapter

•    Responsible for identifying and developing programs to involve, develop, engage and manage volunteer members
•    Responsible for the development and recognition of volunteers

•    Build  quality  into  volunteering  by  introducing  and  refining  different  processes  for managing the work from volunteers
•    Develop and implement succession and transition plan

•    Responsible for providing PMI volunteer awareness at the local and global levels.
•    Develop and implement succession and transition plan