The VP of Outreach is an elected position. This role is responsible for increasing the exposure and awareness of PMILIC to relevant associations on Long Island in accordance with the chapter by- laws and policies.

Roles and Responsibilities

•    Establish and maintain relationships with corporate entities, academic institutions 9local colleges and universities), and other professional associations in an effort to promote awareness of the chapter in the community.
•    Serve as a liaison to the PMI Educational Foundation

•    Plan and execute at least 2 outreach programs in a year to promote project management in the community.
•    Plan and execute programs in academic institutions to foster student interest in project management.

•    Work with the Vice President of Marketing to increase the number of corporate sponsors for the chapter.
•    Liaise with other professional associations to develop and execute programs that promote the image of the chapter and project management as a profession.

•    Develop and implement a succession and transition plan.