The VP of Programs is an elected position. This role is responsible for development and delivery of programs relating to Project Management for each scheduled Chapter meeting. The content of these programs is to be consistent and in accordance with chapter by-laws and policies.

Roles and Responsibilities
•    Prepare monthly program schedules and agenda for chapter meetings. Provide this information to the Director of communications and the President in preparation for monthly membership meetings. Prepare a contingency program to be used for emergencies.

•    Serve as the backup President and assumes Presidential responsibilities in the interim in the absence of the President, and there is no President-Elect.
•    Obtain information on future guest speakers at least a month in advance of meetings to provide adequate lead-time to publicize such events.

•    Prepare program and meeting notices for publication and distribution. Meeting notices should include a brief description of the speaker(s), the vendor demonstration(s), and the presentation topic(s). Meeting notices shall to be provided to all active members at least two weeks prior to each monthly meeting.
•    Develop and maintain individual member participation lists and work with other Board members to determine areas of interest of Chapter members. Monitor and report on requirements, participation levels and general membership feedback. Provide input for the yearly Chapter reports to PMI.

•    Coordinate meetings to avoid conflicts with other PMILIC professional development events.
•    Manage all physical arrangements for each Chapter meeting and coordinate the facilities' requirements of other officers.

•    Work with the Vice President of Professional Development to develop and implement career enhancement programs to increase member value.
•    Develop and implement a program roadmap for all events.

•    Plan and execute social events programs to increase member networking outside a professional setting.
•    Develop and implement a succession and transition plan