Every once in awhile I'm asked about the safety/security of making purchases through the PMILIC website.  Let me try to explain how secure/safe we have made it for making purchases via our chapter site:

First, we store your contact information as received from PMI organization through our integration with them in order for you to login to our site, but we never store personal credit card information on our local chapter site. Ever.

Second, credit card (payment) details are encrypted and securely transferred to our Merchant Services partner (Authorize.net) through a 128-bit end-to-end Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol connection.  When using the Desktop version of the Chapter site, you will notice that the page you use for entering payment information changes to a secure connection ("https" verses the rest of the site on "http" in the URL or site address area) and if you are using the Mobile version of the Chapter site, you will notice that the page you use for entering payment information has a locked "Padlock" at the top of your screen signifying a secure connection.

Thirdly, the encrypted data is sent to our Merchant Services using an API Login ID and Transaction Key which securely identifies our payment gateway account with our Merchant Services partner.  So, when the payment data is received by the Merchant Services partner, it is then stored on their PCI-compliant servers and remains encrypted (as the account owner, I can't see your credit card data).

Fourthly, that Transaction Key is changed regularly to further strengthen the security of the data being sent from our Chapter site to our Merchant Services partner.

You can find the Authorize.net Merchant Seal on our Chapter website showing these details and a review of how the transaction are processed with the credit card firms.  You can read the details posted on our Chapter website.  If you can't use the link, the two articles can be found here on the Chapter website: About Us > Legal > Secure Purchases, and: About Us > Legal > Secure Purchases > Authorize.net Seal.

Last Updated: 10/29/14